Operating and Maintenance Instructions

Instructions respected! Protected doll! The longevity of a real life blow up dolls You amazing sex dolls r doll

Sexual real life blow up dolls Dolls

Instructions respected! Protected doll!

The longevity of a real life blow up dolls Your Doll depends solely on the proper observance of t vibrating sex doll he instructions for use and maintenance that we have written. To help you keep a doll healthy, functional and in good condition, we offer for real sex robots each of the brands we distribute the free email of our latest version of the instructions for use and maintenance in pdf format. buy anime sex doll Your Doll Owners, make the request to our customer service department specifying your name, order/invoice number and email address.

Version currently available: Documentation 2.21 of January 17, 2017

Extract from our user manual

This extract of the instructions for use is for information only!
The instructions listed below are not up to date and are not contractual.


Our dolls are molded at high temperature (400°) by injection of TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer), a mixture of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) super sex doll and silicone. This fluffy and elastic material faithfully reproduces the touch of human skin.

TPE is harmless to humans, it is waterproof, hypoallergenic, recyclable and environmentally fr sexy doll sexy iendly.

Its porosity does not guarantee 100% sterilization, which is why it is necessary to clean it properly after each use and dry it with the u doll real xxx tmost care to avoid the development of bacteria.

During improper handling, it is possible that the TPE w adult sex dolls ill tear. For easy soldering, we offer a repair kit available under the category “Accessory”.


Our dolls come in corrugated cardboard packaging reinforced with thick foam plates. The body is protected from dirt in a translucent polyethylene cover, all carefully wrapped in a soft duve japanese dutch wife t. The head, accessories and documents relating to the or realdoll x app der are switched between the legs of the body.

The head simply screws onto the body via a threaded sleeve. We advise arriving at the lock to make a return of about a half-turn so that the head can rotate freely most expensive sex dolls from right to left and left to right without ballotting.

The wig simply sits on the head of the doll. Its adjustment is ensured no signup sex simulator by two internal straps. Correct adjustment allows a good cohesion with the head an real male sex doll d prevents the wig from moving when handling the doll.

Removable insert option: Widely spread the legs of the doll, remove the insert from its fabric cover then coat it with talc, then insert the insert into th japanese real dolls e cavity by pushing strongly with right/left movements to facilitate its positioning.


A TPE doll is worn like a bride, one hand under the knees and the other hand towards the neck. To prevent the arms from hanging up a pi sex chat robot ece of furniture or the upholstery of a door, we recommend putting the doll's hands on its tummy before sex bot development lifting it. Removing your watch, rings and belt buckle before handling often avoids accidental TPE addicts.

Never move a doll by pulling at its limbs, even for a few centimeters (reflex found to move a doll in a bed). Not only is the risk of deepthroat dolls dislocation or breakage significant, but the TPE will warm up upon contact with sheets, creating microcrack dark doll s on the surface.


The skeleton and its joints make it possible to reproduce real life sex toys most human movements.

The joints are braked, allowing to maintain certain poses. However, to prevent them from loosening prematurely, it is advisable to solicit the real doll demonstration m moderately and gently.

Each movement should be accompanied by two hands avoiding straining at the ends sex silicone of the limbs (lever arm). If a movement resists, it is necessary t love doll canada o practice in the direction of the patella, small round trips without forcing until the joint is unblocked.

Hands must be handled with the utmost care because their finesse make japanese dutch wife s them fragile. The rotation of a hand should be done by grabbing it at it japanimation doll kimmi small s base and pressing until it feels the hardness of its internal reinforcement (metal plate). Never pull the fingers at the risk of disconnecting them sex inflatable doll from the skeleton. If a synthetic nail peels off, it is possible to re-glue it easily using the repai high quality sex doll r kit available under the category “Accessory”.


Do not leave the doll for a long time in a very stretched posture. Although the elasticity of the TPE material is wonderful, excessive stretching for a long time can cause accelerated deformation of sex simulator android online the surface material and internal tears.

Do not leave the doll for a long time in the kneeling position or leaning on the elbows. Under weight pressure, joints can puncture the thin layer of TPE covering real love sex doll the skeleton from the inside.

Do not leave the face on sheets or pillow. The synthetic eyelashes used are particularly thin and can peel of sex dolls being used f. It is possible to re-glue them using the repair kit available under the category “Access taylor swift sex doll ory”.

Do not attempt to put the doll standing at the risk of tearing his feet.


Our dolls are equipped with three sexually usable orifices giving ea best real sex dolls ch follower a particularly real life blow up dolls and intense sexual pleasure. Experi dolls cheap ence is like a sexual relationship with a huma silicone doll sex videos n partner with the advantage of being able to realize his fantasies in complete intimacy.

Whether for oral, vaginal or anal use, the use of water-based lubricant is essential for the comfort of the sexual act, but also for limiting deformations du sale sexe e to warming up the holes.

Sexual use is 100% safe thanks to the confined walls of the channels. The saf small chest sex doll ety limits of the holes prevent internal conta busty sex dolls ct with a wire or metal part of the skeleton.

The porous property of TPE makes it susceptible to the development of bacter sexy robots ia, the use of condoms is imperative for any sexual intercourse.


Cleaning the sexual orifices with mild water or soap is essential after each sexual use. Th bulk blow up dolls e porosity of the TPE does not guarantee perfect sterilization, it is necessary to properly clean each orifice and dry them with the utmo sexual attraction to dolls st care.

The body cleans with soapy water or with a bubble bath. To peel real doll for sale craigslist off the stored dust, stroking gently with the palm of the hand without pressing or rubbing with the nails. Tough dirt can be removed without rubbing wit cheap dolls for sale h a cotton pad soaked in gasoline F. To prev sex simulation ent the structure from rust, do not wet the screw pitch inside the neck.

If the doll has been temporarily make-up, it is possible to remove makeup (without rubbing) with makeup remover or cotton wool soaked in F.

The wig can be cleaned without rubbing in soapy water and rinsed under lifelike lovedoll a net of water. Drying should be natural without using a hair dryer. A talcum film allows you to comb it without defibrating it.


Effective drying is achieved only by gently tapping the body of the doll with an absorbent towel. When the towel is saturated with moisture, real doll prices take a towel again.

Never rub the TPE with a towel! Warming up the material by the fabric fibers causes microcracks and lint as if the TPE began to p loves doll eel.

Never use a hair dryer to try to speed up drying; never direct a hair dryer to the wig or eyelashes.


Under powder a talcum doll helps to dry the TPE and sex dolls for men soften its touch.

We recommend that TPE be talked after cleaning and after each use of F.

Put before dressing the doll, talc facilitates the sliding of clothes and limits the abrasion of the fabric.


Our dolls can be warmed up in a warm bath or with the help of a heating blanket.

We recommend that you do not raise the body temperature to more than 40° to prevent it from deforming.

Do not use an orifice heater as found in Love Shop because imprecise regulation can damage the TPE irreparably.


Before dressing a doll, it is advisable to skate your body to promote the slip of clothes on the TPE. Sometimes it is necessary to show imagination, such as putting on tights make your own love doll under tight jeans or putting on socks on hands f real life blow up dolls blow up doll or time to put on a blouse with long sleeves. Good tricks make daily tasks easier and significantly increase the life of the doll.

Contact of TPE with certain dyed artificial leather products or other colored leather materials may in the short term turn off or lead to an oil rejection reaction.

All new and coloured garments must be washed several times before being put into contact with the TPE.

Putting too tight shoes increases the risk of peeling from the nails to the toes and promotes the appearance of cracks on the top of the feet.


The easiest way to store the doll is to position it lying naked on real life blow up dolls human dolls its back with legs and arms slightly apart. Remove the wig is advisable for prolonged storage.

Cover the doll with a sheet to limit the de real doll homepage position of dust or foreign body without placing heavy objects on its body.

To avoid discoloration and premature aging of the TPE, do not leave a doll long exposed to the sun or moon.

To avoid deformation of the TPE, do not leave a doll close to a heat source (chimney, radiator).


To effectively repair TPE tears, we recommend the use of our repair kit. Its use is different depending on the part of the body to be repaired; one does not repair an armpit l life-size adult dolls ike repairing a finger... Please contact our team of professionals to receive personalized repair instructions.


To mitigate the duties of the TPE due to removal, it is imperative to use only the TPE stain remover available under the category “Acce real look dolls ssory”. We do not recommend the use of any other product.


Different supports hold the skeleton in the m lifesize real life blow up dolls dolls old when injecting the TPE. The few calibration holes are subsequently clogged, leaving small marks on the heels, inside the wrists and shoulders.

The contour of the body is marked by a molding joint, of s silicone full body mall thickness but inevitable with molds in several pieces. This slight imperfection is not classified as a manufacturing defect.

Makeup fades relatively quickly in contact with the skin and acidic sweats. To make up a doll ma 100 cm love doll de of TPE, it is recommended to use makeup powder applied with a small brush.

A new TPE doll often gives off a certain smell that for some people can be unpleasant. It is useless to wash or fragrance deepthroat doll it, the smell will fade naturally in the first days (5-15 days). It is possible to real doll discount avoid this discomfort by asking us before delivery, that the doll r sexy doll for sale est about ten days in our warehouse in the ventilated area.


You have to take care of a doll like we have to do with a real woman.

Our tips for use keep a doll in good condition for a silicone doll many years.